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Tanzania – The country we love second best!

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“Mwalimu Nyerere once said that culture is the essence and spirit of any nation. A country which lacks its own culture is no more than a collection of people without the spirit which makes them a nation.

Tanzania has been described as one of the most diverse countries in Africa.

1150163_10153563105583207_4920801991599178707_nBesides the richness it has of natural resources like wildlife, water bodies like the ocean, lakes & rivers and minerals, this country is well endowed with abundant significant cultural and natural heritages  which include  archaeological, paleontological and historical resources ranging from the Pliocene period about four million years ago to the present time.

Natural attractions including spectacular scenery, historical and archaeological sites, Parks teem with wildlife, unpolluted beaches, and the rich cultures of the 158 ethnic groups.

The southern and northern highlands boast a number of impressive mountain ranges, typically rising 500m to 1,000m above their surroundings.

Tanzania LandscapeMount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in the northeast are ancient volcanoes rising to 5,895m and 4,500m respectively.

The coastline is over 804km long with the nearby Islands of Unguja (also known as Zanzibar), Pemba and Mafia.

The Islands offer an array of natural, cultural, historical and archeological attractions.

Other natural resources are Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake and the source of the Nile.”

Source: http://www.tanzania.go.tz/

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